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TWRW 2024 Board

President:  Jessica Hart Steinmann

Immediate Past President:  Lisa Gilmore

1st Vice President, Programs: Rebecca Smith-Nash

2nd Vice President, Membership: Molly Smith

3rd Vice President, Ways & Means: Cindy Heiser

PAC Treasurer:  Carolyn Donovan

Treasurer:  Carolyn Donovan

Secretary:  Pamela Blue

Americanism:  Lisa Gilmore

Appointments: Clara Kaluderovic

Armed Services: Clara Kaluderovic

Awards:  Lisa Poppell

Campaign Activities:  Susanna Cronin

Caring for America:  Alison Henderson

Chaplain:  Dr. Ashley Prince

Community Engagement/Outreach: Lindsay Dawson

Courtesy & Gifts:  Gayle Beaty

Events: Marijane Stomberg

High School Republican/Youth Outreach: Melissa Semmler

Hospitality:  Ann Herbek

Leadership Development: Coco Mahoney

Legislation: Ann Herbek

Literacy: Gayle Beaty

Marketing/Social Media:  Eva Ray

Newsletter: Emily Britt

Parliamentarian: Coco Mahoney

Scholarship:  Debbie Pruitt


Senator Brandon Creighton swearing in 2024 TWRW Elected Officers Left to Right: Jessica Hart Steinmann, Rebecca Smith-Nash, Eva Ray, Molly Smith, & Cindy Heiser

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